Post Anthropocece 後人間世

2020 Taiwan Biennale ‘Subzoology’ Collateral Exhibition 禽獸不如 2020台灣美術雙年展平行展

Date: 17 Oct 2020 - 14 Dec 2020
Artists:  Ken-Yao Chang 張根耀  Han-Sheng Chen 陳漢聲 South Ho何兆  Bosco Law羅家南  Kit Lee 李嘉瑩 Yin-Jie Lin 林盈潔 Sing-You Liu 劉星佑 Yi-Hang Peng彭一航  Yi Hsuan Peng 彭奕軒 Stephaine Sin 冼朗兒 Eason Tsang曾家偉 Nicole Wong 王思遨 

Co-curator: Erica Huang 黃又文
Venue: No. 84, Sec 2, Yongfu Road, West Central District, Tainan, Taiwan
Organizer:  National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Zit-Dim Art Space, Cross Harbour Terminal

installation view

Selected Works

curatorial statement

The Great Acceleration after WWII has propelled mankind to new heights. “Development” has been the banner  for the past 100 years, while concealing the needs of other species. Men has unbounded desires. Yet, development cannot go on forever without limits; more often it leads to all kinds of imbalance and triggers conflicts. 2020 is a year of revelation. Mankind has ceded the centre stage as due to their inability to fight against the pandemic, locust plague, and floods that have taken place in rapid succession. Without activities of factories, blue skies have returned; without ships sea crisscrossing the ocean the marine lives have thrived. The activities on the Earth did not stop with the reduction of human activities, and it seems that we are really the ones that need an awakening. Until now, all of our reactions to all the natural catastrophes are mostly based on economics like allowing the free flow of people, dismissing climate change without, are production driven and negating the well-being of the world.

“Post-Anthropocene” is a futuristic fantasy, as development is no longer the solution for everything. Human activities have reclined, since then we have slowly realized that decline is not an issue; rather, the society should refocus on progress beyond material advancement. “Post-Anthropocene” is also a fable. As development satisfies human desires, is progress really a progression rather than a regression? As mankind retreated, other species take centre stage. In the desolate ruins of men, aren’t other species thriving and prospering? Questions are raised through “Post-Anthropocene,” to review the intervention of space and human activities, and reflect on the relationship between men and other species.

二戰後的Great Acceleration將人類推往新的高峰,「發展」成為過往近百年的旗號,掩蓋了其他物種的需要,人的欲望無邊無際,發展斷然不能永無止境地進行,況且往往造成各種不均、引發矛盾。2020是啟示之年,瘟疫、蝗災、水患紛至沓來,人類反抗乏力而退場,沒有工廠的活動來了藍天白雲,沒有輪船的巡弋水族也得以繁盛,地球上的各種活動不會因人類活動足跡減少而廢止,似乎該醒覺的是我們才對。但人類對這些天災的反應,首先以經濟為前題去制定對策,開關、否認氣候變化的存在等,都是以生產先行而忽略了真正的福祉。